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What is it?

Nature activities, spa, gym—Villegia always has your well-being, and your health, at heart. And since your well-being also involves what you eat, we feel it’s essential to create a gastronomic experience for our guests that’s both healthy and delicious.

A special collaboration

Our chefs have partnered with nutritionist Geneviève Arbour and her team from the Clinique Nutritive Arbour to optimize our menus and offer our clientele food and drink options that provide nutritional value with a gourmet touch.

Geneviève Arbour

Who is Geneviève Arbour?

Geneviève Arbour is a dietitian-nutritionist who loves to share her passion for food. The proof: in addition to founding the Clinique Nutritive Arbour, this health professional is also a conference speaker, co-author and radio/television commentator. She certainly knows how to work up an appetite!

Fill up!

Whether you visit us for business or pleasure, keep your mind alert, maximize your energy level and stay in top form thanks to our new energizing concoctions.

Vitality program

Look for

It’s easy to recognize the dishes that have earned our nutritionist’s seal of approval: simply look for the symbol on our menus.



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